Antique Bourbon tasting for 10

Antique Bourbon tasting for 10

Donated by: Del Hickman

Donated by: Del Hickman

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THE "BTAC STACK" Buffalo Trace Antique Collection "stacked" with each related Buffalo Trace mash bill partner bourbon. Ten (10) people will have the opportunity to experience 1/2 ounce pours of: • George T. Stagg with E.H. Taylor,Jr., Bottled in Bond • William Larue Weller with Weller 10 (green label) • Eagle Rare 17 year with Eagle Rare • Sazerac Rye 18 year with Sazerac Rye • Thomas H. Handy with, we hope, E.H. Taylor, Jr Rye (* see below) Bourbon aficionados immediately recognize the allocated nature of each BTAC bottle. The opportunity to experience them as a complete flight is EXTREMELY RARE. Adding to the unique nature of this event, we are pairing each BTAC with it’s mash bill partner bourbon. This tasting flight is a unicorn in the whiskey world. Many enthusiasts pursue this opportunity as much or more than the very rare “Pappy’s Flight” because of the extreme difficulty to acquire Eagle Rare 17 and Sazerac 18 even more than the other 3. ADDED BONUS: It just does not seem right that Buffalo Trace’s Mash Bill #2 is not represented in the BTAC. So, we will compare Blanton’s and Elmer T. Lee side by side. Now, that’s not a bad way to start an evening of bourbon tasting! Clarifying that you are purchasing a table of ten (10) people with each having 1/2 ounce measured pours of twelve (12) different bourbons. Which is the equivalent of 4 industry standard 1 1/2c ounce pours/ drinks. How it will work: • Upon arrival at the host’s house, we will have light appetizers and a charcuterie board. • Each participant will have a seat with all of the above noted bourbons pre-poured in 1/2 oz measured pours. • We will walk through each “pairing” together one at a time and discuss the flavor nuances between each set and across the line up as the evening progresses with a little history of each. • A specific date and time will be coordinated with the Hickmans and the BTAC Stack auction winner. • IT IS A REQUIREMENT OF PARTICIPATION THAT EACH PERSON/ COUPLE HAVE A DRIVER OR UBER/LIFT HOME AFTER THE EVENT. The event is provided and hosted by Mary Page and Del Hickman. Del is a Certified Bourbon Steward and Certified Spirit Specialist. He will lead the group through this rare and fantastic evening of bourbon. *Thomas H. Handy does not have a little brother or sister in the mash bill line up. We may substitute Willet Rye or Mid Winter Night’s Dram or what the Del discovers by the event for a fantastic rye comparison to the Handy rye!

A note from Center for Youth Ministry Training: Our online auction is raising money to support all CYMT programs, especially our graduate "residents" who are in the field mentoring youth. Our "residents" are trained to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ in their activities every day. Thank you to all of the generous donors. We greatly appreciate all of the supporters participating in these important programs, and we wish you good luck with your bids!

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